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Convoso continuously updates its contact center software, improving overall performance and adding features to give customers the best tools available for sales and lead generation. While we can’t list the many many tweaks and upgrades we produce throughout the month, we can highlight a few. Here is our roundup through November 17, 2022.

Let us know if there are features and fixes you think would benefit your own business. They quite possibly would benefit others in the implementation.


Lead Ownership

Many businesses employ captive or independent call center agents that purchase or manage their own leads. This use case is common in the insurance space as well as within other verticals such as mortgage. 

Agents using Convoso can now have exclusive access to their own leads and manage their own campaigns. This allows agents to continue to participate in standard dialing campaigns involving multiple agents, while also maintaining control of their own leads.


Multi-account Login

Some dialing administrators are charged with maintaining multiple accounts. This is common when a single person is responsible for managing the dialing operations of different teams or agents, and when agents own their own leads. 

It can be cumbersome to have to log in and out of different accounts throughout the day, so Convoso made it possible for administrators to manage multiple accounts after logging in a single time. This will drastically improve administrative efficiency while allowing our powerful dialer to be used by larger and more complex organizations.


Convoso Launches Google Calendar Integration

Many of the agents using Convoso are tasked with reaching out to leads and setting appointments or reach leads that are interested in a product/service but cannot talk at that time. Convoso supports scheduling call backs to reconnect agents with interested leads, but in some cases, we found that agents wanted to schedule a calendar appointment outside of Convoso.

We are excited to announce that agents using Convoso can now sync call backs to their personal Google calendars. Plus, any changes made to appointments within Convoso or Google Calendar events will sync back and forth. This will allow agents to block time on their calendars and be notified that a callback is set up, helping them manage their time and be sure that they are available for each callback. 


Track How Quickly You Reach Leads with Convoso

Convoso offers the fastest and most powerful dialer available, allowing our customers to get leads on the phone before their competitors. Getting leads on the phone quickly, often referred to as speed to lead, is a highly effective strategy for improving both contact and conversion rates.

Optimizing dialing strategies to improve speed to lead requires the ability to track how quickly leads are being reached. Convoso has improved its “Manage Leads” tab to allow dialing administrators to easily track how quickly first call attempts are made, and how quickly it typically takes to make a contact. This will allow admins to directly measure how changes in dialing strategies are impacting speed to lead.


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Convoso Customers Will Be Compliant with the Latest Campaign Registry Rules

As of November 17, 2022, the Campaign Registry is requiring customers to provide additional information in order to utilize 10DLC SMS campaigns. These changes are primarily designed to help carriers ensure that they have the right information necessary to validate that campaigns follow Campaign Registry requirements. For example, customers will now be required to submit a description of each campaign that is a minimum of 40 characters long.

Convoso has built safeguards into our UI to make sure that each time one of our customers submits a campaign, they have included all of the right information. Our customers can be confident that they will be in compliance with the latest rules, and these changes will have little impact on our customers.


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