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Convoso celebrates 15 years of innovationYou’re a startup and working as hard as you can with a small but bright and talented team to keep innovating better solutions for the customers you’re trying to help grow.

And, then one day, you look up and 15 years have passed and your little team is over 135 people spread out around the nation and the globe.


Here’s the thing. We’re still as passionate as ever to provide the absolute best product and support that we can, because we love seeing our customers succeed. Sure, other companies may say that. We can’t speak for them, but for us, it’s real.

After 15 years of dedicated service, we’re keeping the foundation of our startup grit while building more height, depth, and breadth to the capabilities we offer. Our spirit of innovation is strong and we’re exploring the best paths for delivering our newest technologies.

Convoso’s co-founding brothers Bobby and Nima Hakimi believe that growing a company well results from taking care of people. Innovating software solutions is what Convoso does, but it’s the people on the team that make it all happen. That’s why they are committed to the growth and development of everyone who joins the company.

Convoso celebrates 15 years of helping sales and lead generation teams thrive.  How can we help your business?  Schedule your demo.

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