Convoso Product Update

Campaign Grouping 

Convoso’s campaign management offering now has an expanded feature that allows agents to log in to multiple campaigns, or groups of campaigns.

Campaign Grouping gives our customers better customization, more flexibility with their staff, and lets agents handle a greater volume of campaigns. 

With more campaigns, teams will get more leads on the phone with the same number of agents. 

The Campaign Grouping feature is especially useful to our BPO clients and customers with larger accounts. 

Convoso Campaign Management

Convoso’s campaign management capabilities maximize contact rates and generate more revenue by letting contact center managers create varying strategies to reach out to different types of leads.

To support outreach regulatory compliance, controls can be set to check leads for express-written consent, call time restrictions, state-specific licenses, and scrub records against relevant DNC lists.

Call centers with independent agents can also assign leads to each agent that they exclusively own.


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