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Convoso Fosters a People-First Culture

Tech outlet Built in LA interviewed Convoso Human Resources Director Ann Hong to discuss what it means to truly put employees first, and the perks and benefits that ensure their success.


What steps has Convoso taken to foster a people-first culture?

Here at Convoso, we’re committed to our employees from the start. Convoso promotes a culture of open and clear communication, which fosters healthier relationships amongst staff. We set our employees up for success through an extensive onboarding process. We offer in-house training on our product and the tech space to promote a collective understanding of Convoso for everyone.

Our onboarding team sets up 30-, 60- and 90-day check-ins with all new hires to gather feedback and understand how they’re adapting to their new role, allowing the team to provide additional support and guidance early on in the employee’s career. Convoso also implements individual development plans for all employees to allow for transparency into their career progression from the beginning of their career with Convoso.

At Convoso, our core values emphasize teamwork and positivity, which serve as our daily reminder to be more conscious and intentional about showing appreciation to and helping one another. In our weekly company huddles, we encourage employees to take the opportunity to highlight and shout out their co-worker’s efforts and contributions that promote our core values.

We value flexibility and offer this to our employees. If the last three years have taught us anything, it’s that people value their time, so we offer hybrid and flexible schedules”

What perks, benefits, or other offerings help support a people-first company culture?

We offer a robust health plan that provides generous and extensive coverage to our employees and their families at low-to-no cost. We also have a wellness program that provides and promotes self-care options to employees, be it fitness, therapy or whatever “wellness” means to them. We supply remote employees with monthly meal stipends while also offering daily catered lunches in-office for employees.

We value flexibility and offer this to our employees. If the last three years have taught us anything, it’s that people value their time, so we offer hybrid and flexible schedules across the company depending on their roles and responsibilities.

Convoso encourages camaraderie, and that lends itself to teamwork and positivity, which are some of Convoso’s core values. In order to encourage these values, we regularly host fun special events for our employees outside of work; this includes flying in remote employees.

We provide various forms of paid time off, including floater holidays, birthdays off, and paid parental leave, among others.

Outside of these benefits and perks, we strive to offer meaningful support through career progression and professional development.


How do you gauge the effectiveness of these efforts and ensure employees feel valued and supported? And what are some ways you’ve adapted your strategy in response?

To gauge how employees adapt to their role and the company, we have check-ins throughout onboarding and their first 90 days at a 30-, 60- and 90-day cadence.

We encourage feedback regarding our benefits, perks, and onboarding experience by sending quarterly surveys, so employees can give their honest opinions and help us adjust and offer the best options.

We also distribute a more comprehensive annual company-wide survey, which functions as a proper pulse-check to see what employees are experiencing while working with Convoso and its culture. This allows for an open feedback response on how we can improve internal processes and procedures.

We maintain our availability to employees by ensuring that their needs are a priority for the HR team, with open communication and visibility. Employees are always asked about their preferences and availability, via a survey, when special events are organized for employees so that we can provide a fun, team-building experience for everyone.


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