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Built In LA met with one of our senior software engineers to learn about our tech stack, projects she’s working on, and our engineering team culture. Congrats to Ellie!  Here’s the excerpt about Convoso:


At Convoso, Senior Software Engineer Elham Sedigh has discovered a team culture that provides opportunities to work on a variety of projects, encouraging personal and professional development.

BuiltInLA article featuring Convoso engineer Elham Sedigh

Tell us about your tech stack. What are some of your favorite tech tools your team is using?

We really do use a little bit of everything! We have several codebases, from PHP to Node.js and Python. We also use Jira and Confluence for our ticketing and documentation process and are generally flexible about the integrated development environment (IDE) that developers can use.

What’​​​​​​​s the most interesting or challenging project you’​​​​​​​re working on right now, and what do you enjoy most about it?

While in the process of upgrading the Convoso platform to improve virtual call center operations, we had a breakthrough with an improvement in our AI product. We are now in the advanced stages of developing a new AI product called Intelligent Virtual Agent (IVA) that will be used to automate conversations between companies and customers, while providing consistent services without the need to rely on humans. I was given the opportunity to be the first person to work on Convoso’s IVA project.

This project is interesting and exciting for me because it will help call centers significantly. They can use our IVA solution to reduce the number of agents required to meet their revenue goals while increasing efficiency of the agents they do have for an overall improvement to their workflows. Working on this project has also allowed me to learn more about TypeScript, Node.js, Angular 8, Google Dialogflow API and the overall implementation of its API.

What’​​​​​​​s something unique about your team?

At Convoso, I have been given the opportunity to work on so many different projects during my two years here. If you can prove that you are able to do the job, the opportunity is there.

It is also amazing to feel that you are part of something bigger than just writing lines of code. Our team members have a very close relationship — everyone is trying to help each other to get the job done.

We are hiring engineers, as well as talent in every other department. Visit the Convoso Careers page.

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