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Convoso Spent 3 Years Rebuilding Its Entire Platform. How Building From the Ground Up Is Paying Off.

Convoso co-founders (and brothers) Nima and Bobby Hakimi had very high hopes when they first founded the company in 2006.

While competition in the call center software market was (and is) tough, they were able to take up their fair share of customers with time.

Soon, however, the Hakimi brothers came across a major issue: The open-source code that they used to build out the first iteration of their product couldn’t sustain the volume of calls customers were demanding to handle, nor any updates to the software. As a result, the service was experiencing outages consistently enough to present the brothers with a choice — should they cut their losses and walk away from the company or spend time and resources completely rebuilding its software?

After three years of developing and rolling out updates, Convoso was ready to roll again. But, this time, instead of joining the race of trying to acquire as many customers as possible, they’ve gone with a different strategy.

Find out how Convoso got a fresh start to better serve customer needs by rebuilding the entire platform from the ground up.


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