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Brad sits down with Nima Hakimi of Convoso to talk about software that helps you convert more leads by improving your contact rate. Nima also shares his entrepreneurial journey and business management tips he has learned over the years. If you think you’re paying too much for leads or if you need higher conversion rates for your business, listen up.

We use multiple channels—texting, emailing, calling—so contact rates go up. [For example] if you’re generating leads, and you’re paying $5 or $10 a lead, and you bought 100. Let’s say you paid $1000 for those leads, but only get ahold of 20%. Technically, your cost of leads has gone up. You didn’t get 100 leads—you got 20 leads for $1000. So the goal with our software is to help you make up as much of that 80% of leads that you didn’t get in touch with by trying various automated methods.”  —Nima Hakimi, CEO and Cofounder, Convoso

Generate and convert more leads faster.

Just calling leads doesn’t work anymore because most people don’t pick a call if they don’t recognize the number. With Convoso’s system, if a customer does not pick the initial call, they will receive a follow up text message or email. The customer will make contact when they are ready to talk.

In managing the business, Nima realizes the importance of identifying the visionary, integrator and implementor, and allowing them to play their roles. Convoso experienced an upswing after implementing traction and imbedding a culture of accountability.

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