Welcome to The Starting Lineup’s first ever mini-blog series! In this three part Q&A, our CEO Nima Hakimi will address all our common questions regarding gamification. We will roll out many more blogs in this series – feel free to leave any questions you have about our platform, company, or gamification itself in the comment section below!

Why should the admins and managers care?

Ultimately, a gamified end-to-end platform saves you time and money on other resources. The platform itself eliminates the need for on premises hardware and upkeep, allows agents the flexibility to work from home, and presents users with a reliable and streamlined process in every aspect of the call process. A major nuisance faced by admins and managers is the time spent on training a new agent in the beginning– of course you want this person to succeed, but you also want to get them on their feet (and you back to doing what you need to do) as soon as possible…it’s a very lengthy process we set out to make easier. In addition to the many capabilities the Convoso platform has to offer as a whole, the LMS can minimize the amount of time admins spend during onboarding. Whether you automate the testing portion of it, or even just reviewing materials. You’re putting in place goals based on the performance and behaviors for your agents to follow, which is creating a self-managed agent, thus making your life as the admin or manager easier.

So in summary, gamification can help you optimize the following KPI’s:

  • Average call timeAverage wrap-up time
  • Time spent learning materials
  • How well an agent knows their materials

Thank you guys again for your time, we will be having more Q&A’s soon!

 Part 1  

Part 2