The life of a call center manager isn’t always an easy one. But we can relate! Check out these seven instances that could have been taken right out of your life.

1) You regularly ask your friends how satisfied they are on a scale of 1-5 with your interactions.

tumblr_inline_oi4oymSAWz1qdizr1_500.gif CSAT & NPS scores are everything.

 2) You don’t understand why your family and friends don’t pick up the phone after a maximum of three rings.

giphy.gif#1) Rude. #2) CSAT scores are lowering!

3) You think of all aspects of your life in terms of KPI’s

giphy (1).gifThis can be a good thing. You probably hit a new personal record each month.

4) Sometimes you wake up in cold sweats after having nightmares of your software being out for an entire day.

giphy (5).gifSO. MUCH. LOST. REVENUE.

5) The feeling when you hear the sentence, “scripting can automatically collect and populate data”

giphy (2).gif

The more the merrier. A system that can do it all means less money is spent.

6) You hate calls that end up in a “let me speak to your supervisor” just as much as your agents do. 

giphy (3).gif


7) And finally… You may relate to Michael Scott a little too much when it comes to trying to boost the office morale.

giphy (4).gif
Gotta do what you gotta do to boost that agent happiness!

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