Meet Convoso's Leadership Team

In order to build industry-leading contact center software, Convoso's executive team is comprised of industry experts.



Nima Hakimi | CEO & Co-Founder

As CEO of Convoso, Nima has worked hard to build the company into what it is today. There truly is never a dull moment with Nima– from building & maintaining company culture to fostering team integrity. Nima is a digital marketing expert with over 13 years of SEO/SEM growth hacking experience. Nima has always fostered an entrepreneurial spirit. Prior to Convoso, he launched an ad network with 20M+ users at its peak. Outside the office, Nima is a self-proclaimed “sports nut,” specifically for the Los Angeles Lakers. Even watching sports, Nima has an eye on much more than the game itself – tracking and analyzing everything from rebounds to field goal percentages. Nima’s inherent knack for data and analytics has been the key to identifying new business trends and overall business success. LinkedIn


Bobby Hakimi | Senior VP of Research & Development

As the CTO of Convoso, Bobby effectively built and managed the platform. Today, he currently maintains the extensive Convoso network. He has taken part in Internet ventures for well over a decade and is extremely well versed in strategic problem solving– specifically within tech. Bobby is always proactively tracking and analyzing the constant change and evolution occurring throughout the tech industry. He is always at the forefront of identifying industry-leading technologies and always assesses the potential impact industry change poses to Convoso. Bobby loves a challenge, so when not at work he can be found fueling his competitive spirit in the gym. He also loves listening to electronic music and growing corals in his tank! LinkedIn


David Brown | Director of Customer Experience

David is a west coast native. He received a B.S. in IT, specializing in Networking & Telecommunications. After years of developing and growing his industry expertise, he realized that his true passion was his natural ability to share knowledge with others. David takes pride in building innovative methods that help colleagues excel into better and more knowledgeable versions of themselves. David’s epiphany for helping educate others was a cornerstone in his upward trajectory to the development & execution of quality customer experience programs. David spends his time in and out of the office playing Jimi Hendrix. Also, he spends his weekends playing golf (working on hitting below par). David is happily married, has two dogs and two cats, and would not trade his small family for anything else in the world. LinkedIn


Phi Le | CTO

Phi joined Convoso in 2013 as the Director of Engineering. Phi is accountable for establishing the foundation of Convoso’s core technology systems and continues to develop and implement the proprietary software Convoso customers use everyday. As a full stack developer, Phi has more than 15 years of extensive experience in software R&D. With a firm understanding of SAAS systems Phi successfully leads and manages a team of engineers who constantly work to build, maintain, and enhance the Convoso’s platform. When not working, Phi enjoys writing code, hiking, and performing a variety of handy work he can find. On top of it all Phi is a master Linguist–speaking 4 languages including French, English, Vietnamese and German.


Juliah Ma | Head of Marketing

Juliah is a native of Portland, OR and has been living in LA since 2010 where she received a B.A. in Economics. She began her career working in Tory Burch’s in-house PR department. Her PR credentials continued to grow as she worked representing: Crocs, LA Lakers, & several other brands within the lifestyle and hospitality industries. Juliah found her love for tech when she went to work in China at Ogilvy & Mather with Intel & IBM’s marketing accounts. Juliah continued to pursue her passion in the tech industry at a Microsoft Business Software company –where she targeted and landed the U Penn & WellsFargo accounts. Prior to Convoso, she worked at FlashFunders, an online equity-crowdfunding company as the content marketing manager. Juliah’s true passion is dogs – from learning about each breed to caring for her own pooch Chester. LinkedIn


Natasha Afanasyeva | Office Manager

Natasha A. is a native of Eastern Siberia, Russia. Escaping from harsh Siberian winters, Natasha moved to Los Angeles, CA in 2008. Natasha joined Convoso in April of 2014 and immediately became a valuable member of the team. Natasha is consumed by wanderlust and her desire for adventure. She has a strong passion for languages, with the ability to speak fluently in Russian, Spanish, English, and French. Natasha is also interested in health and nutrition. Natasha has received her Bachelor of Arts in Linguistics and Interpretation at Irkutsk State Linguistic University and is currently working on her Masters degree. LinkedIn