All-in-One Call Center Lead Distribution Software

Optimizing efficiency at every stage of your lead selling process to maximize profit revenues.
More live transfers. Less manual work.


Sell More Qualified Leads While Doing Less Work

Our powerful rules-based automated lead qualification system uses the best practices to process millions of leads instantly and eliminates manual transfer decisions to deliver the best possible results.


LeadBay’s All-in-One Solution

Leadbay provides complete lead management automation by combining all the tools necessary for lead distribution in one single platform to maximize productivity, and prevent time wasted managing multiple 3rd party systems like CRMs, dialers, call transfer and management tools.

How LeadBay Works

  • Manage and set your automated lead distribution process by customizing your lead buyer’s specific transfer criteria
  • Automatically qualify leads and instantly transfer the call (warm or cold) to the most profitable clients or buyers
  • Track ROI and Analyze Metrics like conversion ratios, etc. to increase efficiency and maximize your overall output

The LeadBay Competitive Advantage

LeadBay’s Fully Integrated System

Many lead sellers operate several tools for their lead selling processes, which require numerous external resources to configure and manage the integration. LeadBay can integrate with any 3rd party system your outbound call center already uses and can eliminate all associated development and maintenance hassles. With LeadBay’s automated lead management and our fully integrated cloud call center platform, you’ll get more results while doing less work!

LeadBay Feature Summary:

  • Automatic Routing
  • Interactive Lead Map
  • Live Transfers
  • Custom Lead Qualifier Fields
  • Lead Generation Analytics
  • Pre-Set Lead Qualifier Fields
  • Built-in Dialer
  • Fully Integrated System
  • Historical Reporting
  • Pre-Call Data Push to Client CRM
  • Post-Call Data Push to Client CRM
  • Advanced Scripting
  • 100% Browser-Based
  • Custom Reporting
  • Cloud-Based

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