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Is your service & support contact center providing the best customer experience?

Successful call centers should be How Convoso helps
Knowledgeable Support agents should be incredibly knowledgeable about your products and the positioning of your brand in the industry. It is important that they have a solid understanding of the components of every product and its functions/features. In addition, they must have working knowledge of each product and its features along with its support history when resolving the customer’s challenges/pain points. Get access to as much valuable information regarding past transactions and support history that your agents have about your customers. The more resources they have to familiarize themselves with, the better can they resolve customer issues and ensure the customer ends the conversation satisfied

  • Gamified Learning Management System (LMS)
  • In-Call Coaching (monitor, whisper, barge)
  • Call Recording
Productive Satisfied end-users should have the ability to streamline and maximize efficiency during the process of obtaining support. Long wait times, and unhelpful agents often cause decline in customer loyalty and ultimately more frustration. Our solutions increase productivity by automatically routing incoming callers to the most appropriate agents based on their skills and knowledge. Our platform ensures your agents are always maximizing their time.

  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Automatic Call Distribution (ACD)
Reliable Truly successful agents should be just as knowledgeable about your customers as they are with the products. Real-time statistics on both agent and admin dashboards. Agents know how many calls they’ve taken, what type of call times they’ve had, what their status is (clocking in and out), and other insights Repeatable results, everyone gets the same information. Nothing more reliable than being able to repeat processes.

  • Real-time metrics
  • Coaching
  • Reporting
  • Advanced scripting
Friendly and Prepared Mistakes happen – your agents may not always know the answer, accidentally provide an inaccurate answer, or even run into an extremely irate customer! Your agent should always be always on their toes and have easy access to internal and external resources to assist them as quickly and seamlessly as possible. Our inbound call center software ensures that your agents stay motivated and engaged and provides the tools that help them easily and systematically access data to facilitate efficient resolution of calls on the first try. The automated system can prioritize calls based on urgency and customer profile.

  • Skills-based routing
  • PBX phone system
  • Embedded webpage
  • Gamified learning management system (LMS)