Why Your Call Center Learning Management System Is Ineffective (Part 1)

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According to an IHS employee services case study, the average call center spends about $4,000 to hire a new agent due to high turnover volume. In the same report– a Gallop survey indicated that only 29% of call center employees are actively engaged in their jobs.  unrkg2jh1j0-olu.jpg

Most of the woes call centers face start of at the very onset of when an employee starts with a company. For agents, the onboarding process likely starts with a very simplistic and impersonal learning management system. This, coinciding with typical lack of growth in call centers, leaves many agents unfulfilled and highly unmotivated. As call center managers seek every option to gain a higher ROI per agent–far too often they are ignoring that the onboarding procedures are leaving their employees working inefficiently.  Currently, call center managers are looking at

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