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Remote Call Center Increases Contact Rate by 300% and Doubles Agents After Switching to Convoso

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Convoso Customer StoryDigital Market Media log

Digital Market Media [DMM] is a successful inbound call generation company serving clients in multiple industries by providing their sales teams with a steady stream of qualified prospects. Their call center is a remote operation, so their agents work from home.


Challenges Before Convoso

Delivering high quality leads in a volume that meets Digital Market Media’s client expectations requires a level of efficiency and tools that were lacking in DMM’s previous dialer. “Our redial capability greatly hindered performance and ROI – we were dialing through too many leads inefficiently ,” said Director of Operations, Kyle Andersson. The company’s goals were to increase:

  • Volume of calls
  • Remote agent productivity
  • Number of qualified leads transferred to clients

Our Solution

  • Advanced Caller ID Management
  • Omnichannel features
  • Automated workflows
  • Support of dedicated product expert
  • Optimization of DMM dialer configuration
  • Real time in-depth automated reporting
  • Comprehensive historical data analytics of lists and leads
  • Streamlined processes with productivity tools for WFH agents
  • Reduce agent wait time with Quick Disposition Tool

Customer Results

DMM grew quickly with Convoso’s more robust dialer, new capabilities, and tools:

  • Contact rate surged from 7% to 20-30%
  • Critical DMM KPI, lead to transfer rate, steadily increased from 2% to 8% for significant ROI impact
  • Doubled agents from 15 to 30 in two months
  • Previously unavailable automated management reports with real time analytics saves an hour a day



Digital Market Media’s commitment to growth and improvement caused them to seek a more extensive solution with deeper analytic capabilities for their cloud-based call center operations. When the company switched to Convoso in January 2020, they jumped in with both feet to take full advantage of the suite of tools the web-based software has to offer. But they did it with help.


“Convoso was instrumental to our being able to scale up our agents so quickly. Now we’re able to talk to more prospects.” — Tom Carolan, Founder and Owner, Digital Market Media


As part of our onboarding experience, we teamed DMM up with a Convoso Customer Success Manager to review their goals, help optimize their dialer configuration, and introduce the management team at DMM to Convoso’s real time in-depth reporting and agent productivity tools to drive more efficiency to their virtual call center and boost profitability. Reflecting on the transition, Digital Market Media Director of Operations Kyle Andersson remarked, “Our Customer Success Manager, Dan, has been very resourceful in tweaking the configuration of our system to achieve the best ROI for our data.”


Robust Dialer Capabilities Yield Immediate Improvements In KPI’s

As DMM began employing features previously unavailable to their operations, they achieved results that confirmed the value of making the switch to Convoso. They were ready for a new phase of growth. Convoso’s advanced caller ID management, omnichannel features, and automated workflows helped to improve DMM’s call center experience very quickly.


After experiencing unsatisfactory results and frustrations with their dialer, Convoso’s advanced dialer provided a welcome solution. From onboarding in January 2020 to mid March, they saw their productivity and connection rates soar from a daily average of 7% in December 2019 to 20-30%.


“Previously, our redial capability greatly hindered performance and ROI – we were dialing through too many leads inefficiently. We optimized the disposition-based redial workflow, and attached automated remarket strategies within Convoso such as email drip automation. The robust caller ID management has made a big difference. We get clean, local Caller IDs for our campaigns, so we’re improving our contact rate while maintaining a positive reputation.”  —Kyle Andersson


The company’s primary service is inbound lead generation. When an agent has gone through the process of qualifying a lead, they transfer that call to the appropriate source. This is the equivalent of closing a sale. And as a metric, the rate of transfers is the truth-telling number about a call’s success, about an agent’s performance.“The most important statistic,” Tom said of their improved KPIs, “has been the lead to transfer rate.”

“Our lead to transfer rate has increased steadily since starting with Convoso in January from 2% to 8%. When you’re talking about hundreds of thousands of leads, that’s a huge increase.” —Tom Carolan


Remarkable Growth of Remote Team

Kyle noted the growth they achieved in a short period of time that has allowed the company to project continued growth for the remainder of the year. They had 15 agents at the end of 2019, and expanded to 30 within two months after working with Convoso. They anticipate adding 10 agents/month moving forward to meet their goal of 100 agents by the end of 2020. In the midst of nationwide layoffs and job losses, Digital Market Media is tweeting “Job Opportunities.”


Effective Management with Powerful Real Time Reporting

Digital Market Media’s diligent use of Convoso’s comprehensive and automated reporting tools helped the company to progress quickly by using specific metrics for day to day call center management decisions. As Director of Operations, Kyle Andersson sees how the data is trending over the day using the List Conversion Report.


“The List Conversion Report shows me the number of transfers per list. I can view the number of sales per week per list. It’s right there to see what’s trending up and down. Then with the Lead Status Penetration Report, I know where the disposition of the leads are in the list.”  —Kyle Andersson


Access to new in-depth reporting features with an easier layout has saved management time and helped to increase agent productivity for the company. With reports automatically emailed to key managers, they view how agent time is spent on a granular level. To manage at-home agents, the company uses the Agent Monitor Screen, which shows vital campaign information, including the number of dialable leads, agent status, dial level, drop rating, and more. Admins can listen in on calls, whisper to agents, and jump in on conversations if needed.


Empowered Call Center Agents

“Our agents are experiencing a boost in productivity and enjoyment of the dialer. They like the dashboard and the more efficient processes. Supervisors and Managers are happier as well for the same reasons.” — Tom Carolan


Call center agents are able to be more productive when the dialing system they are using is efficient. In addition to the customizable agent dashboard, DMM agents use tools like Quick Dispo to eliminate steps and streamline the transfer process. With dynamic scripting, training is simplified as agents and managers trust the script to adapt for each new scenario. The smart scripts update lead info in real time and adapt to each individual caller allowing a more personalized sale. This helps DMM agents to do remarketing and cross selling, and to help prospects across different verticals, for an optimized ROI on a lead.


“We’ve tapped 50% of what Convoso can do. I can’t wait to see what happens six months from now.” — Kyle Andersson


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Convoso Client Success Story: VSA

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VSA IConVSA needed a single contact center platform to eliminate inefficiencies they experienced by using various CRM systems and dialer capabilities that involved manual and time-consuming work-around processes.

Convoso provided VSA with the solution to streamline its operations, as well as new capabilities that ultimately increased productivity and enabled growth.



  • Increased connection rates of up to 75%
  • Agents’ average wait times reduced to 27 seconds
  • Less time than expected to implement the system and replace time-consuming manual administrative processes
  • Scaled up by 800% virtually overnight to support VSA’s largest growth opportunity


Challenges Before Convoso

VSA customizes programs for client-specific needs, and therefore uses several different call center CRM solutions, based on specific challenges. VSA consistently looks for the best solutions to meet each client’s needs.

When the company contracted with a new client in 2018, VSA lacked a good predictive dialer platform. Peter Reifsnyder, Director of Innovation and Growth says the “bare-bones” dialer system the company had been using didn’t offer much value. In fact, it didn’t offer the basic functionality of providing BDRs with the vital information such as the name of the company or who they were talking to. “The call just came through and you had to fend for yourself.”

Without Convoso, VSA would have adopted time-consuming and manual administrative and back-office processes as a work-around. For example, to change a previously uploaded list to a different campaign, VSA would have needed to download the list, upload it again — and possibly still lose some of the data in the process.

VSA had not previously had much need to a full-service predictive dialer solution and was learning from the ground floor.

On a positive note, Reifsnyder says using those other systems provided a learning experience for VSA to make an educated and confident decision to move to Convoso. “We learned a lot about what our BDRs and managers need to succeed. And it was clear when we tried Convoso that it was the right fit for us.”

How Convoso Helped

Convoso provided VSA with the predictive dialing functionality and other advanced call center system features it required, as well as the flexibility it needed to move lists, pull leads into drip campaigns, and easily pivot back to the original source list. “It’s a huge time-saver,” Reifsnyder says. “In the prior CRMs we used, we had to manually keep track of all of that.”

Convoso also empowers VSA to set permissions so BDRs can manage information about contacts and leads, but can’t make changes that would compromise the integrity of the list.

Incoming call management is another feature of Convoso that VSA finds valuable. “We have 60+ colleagues working on a variety of clients and programs. If they aren’t available to take a return call in Convoso, we can forward the call through the queue to our phone system so we don’t lose that lead,” says Reifsnyder. “It gives us peace of mind.”

VSA expected a learning curve when they implemented Convoso, but they were surprised by its ease of use. “Whenever you introduce BDRs to a new system, there are challenges,” says Reifsnyder, “but our staff took to it much more quickly than with other systems we had introduced over the past few years. It’s a very user-friendly platform.”

Reifsnyder says Convoso’s intuitive design makes it easy to learn and use — especially for administrators who were able to replace their time-consuming manual processes with the system. But the support that Convoso’s team provided was also a major contributor to a smooth transition. “From the time we demoed the platform, Convoso worked to build a business relationship, and I had access to Convoso reps every single day as we moved forward toward the launch date. They answered all of my questions in a timely manner,” says Reifsnyder.


Using Convoso, VSA has streamlined its back-office operations, giving administrators the ability to easily make changes to leads, lists, and campaigns within the platform. VSA’s managers and leadership also have much greater visibility into operations with Convoso’s robust reporting feature, which generates a report and a drip campaign summary at the end of each day and sends the program manager a report each week.

Convoso has also enabled an uptick in productivity, with the platform providing BDRs with the information they need at their fingertips. Convoso also maximizes the time BDRs are on calls, with the connection rate increasing to more than 75% for some campaigns and reducing the average wait time from 5 or more minutes to an average of 27 seconds.

In addition, the platform allows managers to scale VSA’s largest client growth opportunity in June 2018 by more than 800% with ease — Convoso provides the capability for VSA to expand and contract based on the client’s seasonality demands are expected to growth by over 1000% in 2019.


“Convoso satisfied everything on our checklist and did so at an affordable cost. And we ended up getting more than we expected.”  —Peter Reifsnyder, Director of Innovation and Growth


About VSA

VSA is an outsourced B2B call center, founded in 2001 focused on appointment setting and prospecting. VSA’s team of telemarketing experts generates and qualifies leads, sets appointments, manages event registration and membership drives, updates lists, and performs other projects that support prospecting, sales, and client retention. VSA specializes in complex products and services that require strong planning, management, and communication skills.

VSA’s team is experienced in cold calling and subsequent communications with prospects, allowing businesses in the U.S. and around the world to outsource this work with confidence. VSA’s professionalism and focus on results has resulted in long-term partnerships with clients in a wide range of industries.

Providing services through its team-based, onsite staff, not virtual BDRs, VSA’s 60+ team members at this Philadelphia-based, certified female-owned business, immerse themselves into their clients’ cultures and learn every detail of their services, with the goal of seamless brand representation and ultimate sales success.

VSA recently implemented Convoso’s cloud-based call center software, which has helped modernize and streamline operations, enhancing the professional, in-person service that VSA is known for.

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