How RMC Used Software to Increase Its Contact Center Conversions by 75%

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How RMC used Convoso to increase contact center conversions by 75%

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Resource Marketing Corp (RMC) was looking to maximize its contact center’s lead and agent efficiency. With good reason — Resource Marketing Corp (RMC) provides live transfers for growing companies, partnering with each client to provide a unique footprint and transfers of qualified leads. Operating efficiency is critical to RMC’s success delivering leads.

“The job ran me. Our agents were not dialing right. We were wasting leads,” said Mike Velardi, Senior Vice President at Resource Marketing Corp.

RMC looked for a software solution that could help automate, streamline, and scale its contact center’s operations. “With Convoso, we now have the most efficient system we can imagine with an incredible level of support,” said Mike Velardi, Senior Vice President at Resource Marketing Corp.

Since switching to Convoso, RMC has seen:
25-40% improvements across all key efficiency metrics
75% increase in conversions with Convoso
10% growth in live transfers from voice broadcasts


Here are four key ways RMC has improved its contact center efficiency.


Streamline lead data so it’s no longer being wasted

“We used to dial 30-40% more data with the previous system because it didn’t have the right tools,” said Velardi. “We were over dialing.”

Velardi said RMC was able to streamline its lead recycling capabilities, its leads follow disposition workflows, and its lead follow-up automation. These all served to help RMC call fewer leads.

“Our time and effort to reach the same amount of people has been reduced by 30%. We don’t have to over dial,” said Velardi.

One of the best KPIs for measuring lead efficiency is Cost Per Acquisition (CPA), which measures your total cost to get one specified acquisition.


Automate workflows so every agent’s time is maximized

RMC had been struggling with agents staying in dispositions and wrap-up too long after calls. Agents were bogged down by the number of manual maneuvers they had to make throughout their workflows.

Velardi made some important setting changes to automate as much of each agent’s workflow as possible. Average agents now see 30-50% more conversions. “Agents don’t have to move leads on a workflow anymore,” said Velardi “They make 2-3 moves to complete an action; it used to be 8-10.”

Explore the productivity of your outbound sales team with our seven-question quiz. Or dive into our comprehensive guide to training outbound contact center agents.


Automate operations so manager efficiency is at an all-time high

Velardi was spending large chunks of each day keeping the chaos of RMC’s previous workflows under control. “To hit our level of success, I was forced to over-manage because it was just held together enough to avoid breaking. I never felt comfortable walking away.”

Velardi looked for software that could help RMC do more with less. He wanted to earn more conversions with fewer leads — by finding software that could help optimize lead quality, automate workflows, and scale outreach.

“I’ve gained back 1-1.5 hours every day,” said Velardi.

As Velardi mentions, contact center software enhances your team’s productivity — it doesn’t replace them. Learn the other ways cloud-based call center software can help.


Scale outreach with voice broadcasts to earn 10% more conversions

RMC used voice broadcasting to help fill in the gaps around their outbound dialing.

Voice broadcasting helps RMC get a pre-recorded message out to a large number of people. It helps send alerts, promotions, updates, and notifications to an unlimited number of recipients — and all at once. RMC can also target its outreach by building voice broadcast campaigns.

“We’re already seeing significant growth in transfers for our clients with this approach,” said Velardi.


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