Use AI in These 4 Ways to Scale Your Outbound Call Center

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If you’re looking to scale your call center’s outbound operation, artificial intelligence (AI) can help in a big way. It’s especially helpful for call centers in industries like health insurance.

The insurance vertical, for example, often scales outreach around open enrollment each year. As a high-pressure time of the year, call centers need to operate efficiently and at an even higher scale when it’s open enrollment.

AI shoulders a portion of the outbound workflow to help your team operate at peak efficiency — even during high-stakes times of your business.

But what does AI actually look like for your call center? Does it mean agents will be replaced by robots?

Not at all. Here’s a breakdown of what AI for outbound call centers looks like and how it helps your business.

What does AI look like for call centers?
Artificial intelligence exists applied across a multitude of mediums in recent years, such as:

  • Voice search on your phone (“Hey, Siri!”) or smart speakers
  • Chat bots to provide customer support
  • Personalized recommendations via machine learning (Netflix recommendations)

For your call center, AI is most helpful as a machine agent that can hold personalized voice conversations. This is called conversational AI. It uses voice recognition software to read vocal queues and tailor responses based on the answers. Look for conversational AI with:

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5 Reasons Why Call Center AI Will Enhance, Not Replace Agents

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As technology advances, we all have that utopian dream of having all our problems answered at a click of a button. No matter the difficulty. No matter the medium…instant solutions and quality experiences. Many believe that for customer service, Artificial Intelligence, or AI, is the future of customer service and maybe the disruption of the entire call center industry.

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