While “staying off script” and candid may be beneficial for politicians and actors… the same cannot be said for call center agents that don’t adhere to guided sales or support scripts. In today’s age where everyone expects immediate answers and 30 second sales pitches…scripting has turned into the most important asset (or downfall) that call center managers have. Scripting is the best way for agents to facilitate quality conversations with customers, as well as learn company processes through training via speedy onboarding times that are granted by quality scripting capabilities.

Whether you’re operating an inbound, outbound, or blended call center one of your focuses should be towards perfecting your scripting efforts. For customers or potential customers of call center operated businesses, faulty scripts can cause frustration and often high customer churn rates.

To reduce these errors you should always be a/b testing the performance rates of your scripts. To ease this process you can follow these easy steps:

1) Look at your reporting to address how your inbound KPIs or outbound KPIs are being affected by your scripting. Often times KPIs like AHT, CSAT scores, and even conversion rates are greatly affected by the quality of your scripts. Since bad script flow and wonky processes can cause customer frustration.

2) Listen in on live calls or review historical call recordings between your agents and customers throughout all parts of the sales cycle Or see how the adequacy of your scripts and how they hold up in varying customer service inquiries.

3)“Dynamic” branched scripting capabilities differs from your traditional call center scripts that have been available in the past. It differs from traditional scripts because it autopopulates dynamic fields (like madlibs) within a script, and based on specific answers or set of answers input within the script, it will prompt the agent to a new script or set of instructions etc. dynamic scripting has the ability to push that info auto directly in their CRM system– eliminating the manual process of having to go back and forth to input that info.

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Although scripting facilitates nearly every agent to customer interaction...Convoso realized that scripting, specifically the powers within scripting, have been largely overlooked by the call center industry. In 2017, your call center is only as powerful as what you give to your agents. If you are supplying lackluster scripts...you are likely running a lackluster business. With our call center software, your entire sales/customer support process can be streamlined simply through utilizing appropriate and optimized scripting tools and strategies.

“Dynamic” Scripting

Very few providers in telecommunications truly offer dynamic scripting. While, SaaS companies tend to have their buzzwords like: efficient, productivity, effortlessly, etc; “dynamic” scripting seems to one that notoriously falls short of what its true capability is.  

Call center managers should always be aware that just because a buzzword is prefacing a notable feature...does not mean you are getting the highest capability that technology can offer.

In the case of Dynamic scripting, the “dynamic” is really just a user interface term, rather than a technological improvement over your current scripting capabilities. A facelift of your scripting UI can of course be a nice change. However, a change of scenery is not going to be the answer if your call center is having issues within your scripting capabilities.

Convoso’s Truly Dynamic Scripting

Convoso differentiates its scripting by allowing call center managers to power their entire operation through guided scripts. Convoso does this by powering scripts with immense reporting capabilities. Thus, granting scripts the ability to collect data within them. This profound feature within scripting has allowed our outbound users to build their entire sales process within their scripts. Meaning that our users are receiving an enhanced reporting capability, as well an extensive vigilance into the success of their scripts and their call flow.

For agents this allows them to seamlessly input data rather than spending excess time during calls juggling between intake forms, customer information, reporting, and side data. This allows agents to truly focus in on every single call since all of their in-call needs are all powered within the script in front of them. Making lives easier for the agents and allowing them to spend less time remembering the entire sales process. For outbound operations, Convoso’s scripting enables agents to focus in on specific areas of the sales cycle for enhanced results.

Script your training process

Having such dynamic capabilities within scripting is also a very beneficial aspect when it comes to agent onboarding. Convoso’s scripting allows for call centers to greatly reduce training time by effectively placing all needed training materials within our scripts. Which, allows for managers to quickly elevate employees and heighten the training process. Cutting costly onboarding expenses, while enhancing agent knowledge.

Admins can input the entire sales process, reporting included, into a script and allow the agents to focus solely on the calls themselves.

Life is easy for admins as well. Convoso Call Script Builder UI-1.pngSetting up Convoso’s scripts is truly a drag-and-drop process. Visualize the flow of your agents conversations with a system that stresses ease of use.

While setting up a script is as easy as a drag and drop– admins must be wary of the fact they they should always be updating their scripts based off of their most important metrics. There is no such thing as a perfect script, but giving your operation the best possible system to script is as close as your business will get to perfection.

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