Unlocking the Door to Success in Lead Gen

Have you ever wondered why some companies are more successful than others? Why are some companies able to create and scale lead generation, drive sales and profitability, and grow overall, while others–working just as hard or even harder–are never able to break through to scale, drive and grow?


We recently recorded a webinar and wrote a white paper discussing Unlocking the Door to Successful Outbound Lead Generation. In this blog post, we’d like to give you a brief preview of what the webinar covers. We hope that this post– and the webinar–can start to give you the insight and tools you need to make sure your company maximizes its potential.

Here’s a quick look at the five topics the webinar and whitepaper cover.

Changing the Shape of Outbound Calling

In a competitive marketplace, sales can’t happen until two people start to have a conversation.The companies that are the most successful at scaling growth, increasing their number of qualified leads month over month, and securing large orders are those that have learned to integrate inbound leads (those generated by a company’s marketing through the internet, mass mailings, etc) and outbound leads (those generated through telemarketing, canvassing, shows and events, etc.) successfully.

How Customers Buy Today

Customers have more control than ever over how they manage, process, and use information when making buying decisions, and sellers must adapt their approaches. Truly integrated approaches use technology to increase live contacts, to eliminate unproductive tasks and behaviors, and drive production yields. Ask yourself–how can you pivot? Companies with scalable and predictable growth are pivoting to align their approaches to a changing world.

The Most Important Metrics for Lead Generation

Your company probably uses a variety of valuable metrics to measure success, from number of calls, to sales by product or service. While specific metrics might vary from business to business, we believe that there are two metrics of evaluating lead generation that could be the most important for managing your outbound efforts: lead velocity and lead generator yield. These are the measurements that give you the greatest indication of results, but they’re not monitored as much as they should be. If yield velocity is up, and yield generation is improving, you’re going to have success. Companies that scale growth are also making sure that low velocity rate is growing, and they invest in increasing rep yield, which is crucial to profitability and growth.

The Five Steps to Maximize Velocity and Yield 

As we think about the current shape of outbound calling, the landscape of marketing, and how to best measure your lead generation, you must ask yourself: is your business doing all it can to position itself for the future? In the webinar, we offer five steps you can take to make sure you are maximizing your potential and profitability:

  1. Having Clarity and Focus
  2. Creating a Clear and Effective Process
  3. Automating What Can be Automated
  4. Tracking and Measuring Consistency
  5. Making Adjustments to the System

Taking Action

Remember– sales starts with having a conversation. You want to make sure your company is having the right one, positioning yourself for a future where outbound calling is transformed by technology, customers hear your sales pitch amidst a crowded marketplace, and modern metrics unlock your employees’ true potential. Applying the points discussed in this webinar will allow your business to scale, drive, and grow, by generating the outbound leads you need.

To watch our free webinar, Unlocking the Door to Successful Outbound Lead Generation, click here.

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