Customer Success Story: University Bound

Convoso’s interview with Jon Wigand, Director of lead generation for University Bound…

Challenges Before Convoso

The biggest challenge University Bound faced prior to Convoso was keeping their agents always on task and motivated. They struggled to keep agents morale high upon making hundreds of calls every single day on the job. According to the Director of Lead Generation Jon Wigand, “One day you might talk to 100 people and it is awesome, everyone sounds like a fit for them, but the next day the roll of the dice might not be in their favor. They might not find anyone who’s interested in what our clients have to offer. So ultimately our biggest challenge was keeping the team motivated and knowing that your day is going to vary.”

University Bound’s operations were significantly slowed down working with their previous provider. The previous system had a complicated interface, and a customer support team that often ignored their problems, which lead to compounding issues for the University Bound team. “A lot of the big companies have really complicated admin sides, and you almost need your IT team to be closely involved in everything just to understand some of it.” said Wigand.

Successes: Convoso / University Bound Highlights

Upon looking for a new provider, University Bound sought out a platform that had immense reporting capabilities–coupled with a friendly interface, and factors that would increase agent motivation. According to Wiggand, “When looking for a new situation we were looking for good reporting. In our business, everything revolves around the data. Data tells you the story of what’s wrong, or what’s going well, and why it’s happening. So good reporting and good feedback, thats awesome.” The switch to Convoso was has been a very prolific decision for the University Bound team. Upon using Convoso, University Bound was able to contrast their motivation issues. When compared over the course of four months, University Bound was also able to burn through less records while maintaining their results.

Overall, University Bound received an increase of 62.45% in efficiency with Convoso’s Omni platform, due to more effective reporting capabilities. Outside of Convoso’s extensive reporting capabilities and an intuitive UI –which has has helped increase productivity –Convoso’s customer support is what really won over University Bound. “Convoso’s support team is really good, and they bend over backwards for us. They understand that problems inhibit our production. If there’s ever a problem, [Convoso is] right there and on top of it, and the communication is excellent.”

About University Bound

University Bound is a high-volume outbound call center headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona. As a company, University Bound focuses their efforts on helping potential students find their dream school. Their clientele range from all ages and include those fresh out of high school to those pursing a masters degree.

As an industry leader in providing students valuable information to pursue higher education, University Bound relies on their agents to verify student info and qualify the student based on the best opportunities and schools fit for each individual. University Bound utilizes the Convoso platform in their outbound operations.

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