The Power of Telemarketing AND Email Marketing Together

In the world of lead generation today, is it a question of whether or not to use telemarketing or email marketing, or is the winning formula to leverage both simultaneously?

We’ve all heard the 8:59 p.m. calls from some solicitor trying to sell us something we don’t want.  Likewise, we have also received countless emails offering similar things that we do not really have any interest in.  These solicitations are annoying and are a result of sellers trying to fish for prospects using a shotgun approach.  That means they are spraying their message from all angles to try to reach at least some viable prospects in the process, while annoying so many others.

Obviously, this is not an effective approach as it is neither targeted nor automated.  However, when utilized together in a coordinated campaign, both telemarketing and email marketing are a highly successful lead generation combination.

Such an integrated approach leverages both an email marketing system and a predictive dialer to automate, accelerate and precisely target would-be customers.  These systems will help you reach prospects without expending unnecessary manpower, while also providing the metrics necessary to hone your lead lists into high probabilities and low probabilities.

This is how you can successfully utilize both telemarketing and email marketing to power lead generation:

First, it comes down to targeting the prospective buyer.  Once you have such a list of viable prospects (either collected from past contacts or through a purchased list perhaps), you need to develop email and phone scripts that effectively pitch your solutions to potential customers in a manner that makes them feel as though they need your products/services.

Second, you need to send out the email to prospects and track who opens up the message and/or clicks through to your website. These are the high probability leads that you need to really cultivate.

Third, use a predictive dialer to start calling on your lists.  This will free up your sales people to handle live prospects when they come in instead of simply leaving messages, getting wrong numbers, getting disconnected and so on.  NOTE: A predictive dialer will boost your outbound calling productivity by up to 400 percent!!

Fourth, once you’ve garnered your list of high probability targets from the email system and the predictive dialer, set up email drip campaigns to nurture both sets of leads as you try to pull them through the funnel into paying customers.

So many small to medium-sized companies today utilize either telemarketing or email marketing, and it is no longer a question of either/or.  In 2014, the best way to fill your sales funnel is with a combination of the two.

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