Generate High-Quality Debt Settlement Leads with 3 Essential Strategies

Generate High-Quality Debt Settlement Leads with 3 Essential Strategies

March 21, 2024 | Convoso

We hear it from our customers and webinar participants time and again: When it comes to debt settlement and management leads, it’s not usually the quantity that’s the problem—it’s the quality.

Of course, high-quality leads are out there. The issue is getting your business in front of them before the competition does.

That’s why we’ve pulled together these three essential strategies for debt management lead generation that will help you do just that.

1. Create Useful Content and Build Trust

In the world of debt management, trust is an all-important currency. 

To stand out from the crowd and establish your business as one that debtors can trust, start by delivering value to your audience. Creating high-quality content that offers guidance and provides genuine value and utility on matters of personal finance can go a long way to generating high-quality debt relief leads. 

Beyond their core services, every debt management business has a wealth of resources they can offer to potential customers and generate leads. Use your knowledge of personal finance—whether that’s budgeting, credit, banking, or investing—to create search-engine-optimized content. This content can be hosted on your website and featured on your social media platforms, helping you to expand your audience, traffic, and engagement.  

Using Content to Capture Consent

Ultimately, beyond establishing your authority on financial topics and building trust, this content will serve as the foundation of your consent-based marketing strategy.

By funneling high-quality traffic to your website, you can generate debt relief leads from interested parties. Include short and simple lead-capture forms that are easily found on your site’s pages to increase the likelihood that site visitors will consent to be contacted. 

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2. Pay to Place Targeted Ads

Developing useful content can go a long way toward generating more debt settlement and consolidation leads. However, sometimes this organic lead generation strategy alone is not quite enough. Supplementing owned content with paid advertising can help build awareness of your business and unlock crucial new lead sources.

Paid Search Ads

Among the most popular advertising options for debt repair, lead generation is placing ads on Google search. Businesses can select keywords that are relevant to their business and appear within search results when these phrases are searched. Best of all, Google Ads enables users to set a daily budget and utilizes a pay-per-click (PPC) model, so your business will only pay when a potential customer clicks on one of your ads. 


Another effective advertising method for getting more debt management leads is the pay-per-call model. Like pay-per-click ads, pay-per-call placements can be made on Google Search results. This other “PPC” option allows businesses to generate trackable inbound phone calls to their business. Though pay-per-call lead generation is typically more costly than paid search on a per-lead basis, it tends to deliver interested leads that are further along the path to conversion.

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3. Build and Leverage a Network

Sometimes in marketing, there’s still simply no substitute for good old-fashioned word of mouth. For debt management lead generation in particular, developing and maintaining a network of trusted partners that can consistently send referrals your way is among the best ways to acquire high-quality debt settlement leads.

Consider who in your existing network might be able to refer business to you—as well as who in your area you might wish to add to your network. Especially valuable relationships include those with nearby legal aid organizations, attorneys, and law firms that specialize in bankruptcy and debtor issues.

For instance, if an attorney works with a client who is considering bankruptcy but ultimately opts for a debt settlement or consolidation approach, they can give that client your information. In no time at all—and with little to no effort beyond basic networking and relationship management—you will have yourself a high-quality lead.

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4. Rely on the Right Lead Generation Scripts

The words your agents say have a massive impact on the success of your lead generation campaigns. That’s why well-crafted, persuasive debt settlement scripts are essential for lead generation.

A great script helps agents navigate conversations effectively, address objections smoothly, and build rapport with potential clients. This directly influences lead quality and the likelihood of qualification and conversion. Meanwhile, improvisation can lead to inconsistencies, missed opportunities, and even potential compliance violations. Scripts provide structure and help agents deliver a consistent, effective message.

Of course, when it comes to sticking to scripts, there are effective tools available to help. Dynamic scripting software provides real-time prompts and guidance to agents based on the flow of the conversation. This ensures agents have relevant information at their fingertips and can tailor their approach for maximum impact.

High-quality, qualified debt relief leads aren’t always easy to come by. Indeed, many businesses resort to purchasing leads from financial services vendors. However, with rampant lead fraud and increasingly complex TCPA compliance regulations to worry about, debt management businesses should exercise caution to mitigate risk in today’s environment.

Choose a technology partner that puts high performance and compliance support at the forefront of everything they do. Learn more today about Convoso’s powerful predictive dialer software and see the difference it can make for your business with a free demo.

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