The trend toward incorporating and improving quality assurance [QA], especially with the AI technology in QA software, will lead call centers to greater successes in lead generation and sales in 2021. Managers will be more efficient as call compliance is monitored and agent conversations grow in quality and effectiveness. 

Good QA is a smart route to increased profitability. 


What is call center quality assurance?

In any industry, QA refers to the process of auditing operations and services to ensure they meet company standards. Outbound call centers use QA to evaluate agents’ scores and adherence to scripts by monitoring agent conversations. QA also analyzes your team’s compliance with industry regulations. 

Auditing your lead generation or sales team allows you to build a clear picture of everyone’s performance, the quality of their customer interactions, and adherence to rules and regulations.


Why QA is essential in 2021


QA Monitors for TCPA Compliance

Call center operators face mounting legislation and procedures with severe consequences for non-compliance. There are fines for TCPA violations that have recently increased from $1,500 to $10,000. Companies also face the threat of class action lawsuits, which can add up to millions of dollars to settle. 

As risks for outbound dialing increase, QA is a must-have tool to make sure you are operating legally and efficiently.


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Virtual Call Centers Need QA

Managing agents who work from home is the new norm. In 2020, many office-based call centers had to quickly adapt to virtual operations. 

Agent efficiency was a huge concern for many call center supervisors and managers as they shifted to remote. But with cloud-based agent monitoring tools, they found their at-home agents were surprisingly productive. With QA, managers keep their finger on the pulse of agent performance. 

In a webinar called “The 2.0 Lead Generation Call Center,” Kyle Andersson, Digital Market Media’s Director of Operations, talked about the importance of AI for QA and using metrics reports: 

“When you talk about quality assurance—listening to calls, scoring calls, and making sure that they’re compliant, they’re quality, they’re getting through the qualification questions that you need from your clients—this is all streamlined with AI because it’s not a person or managers listening to calls, it’s the system listening to every call.

“And you have statistics on every single call, all of the details, everything that you want to see in calls or don’t want to see. It’s very scalable. And, that’s one huge thing that AI will play into remote or in-house call centers.”


How to monitor quality in your call center

For quality monitoring of sales and lead gen agents, choose from several options for the QA solution that works best for your call center.

  1. Hire an outsourced QA team or service
  2. Create your own internal QA team
  3. Use a QA tool


1. Outsourcing your quality assurance

There are many QA services that work with call centers to analyze their operations, point out problems, and create solutions. Outsourcing gives you access to a team of QA experts that have the time and experience to perfect your procedures. Unfortunately, this option is often fairly pricey.


2. Building an internal QA team

You can also hire a QA specialist that works internally to monitor and improve your call center. Your specialist will work with other members of your team to find and fix problems throughout your operations. This person also typically works with agents and supervisors to provide detailed coaching that prevents non-compliance and poor interactions. As a new employee on your payroll, however, this option isn’t always the right option for every company.


3. Implementing QA software – How AI-driven QA excels

Quality assurance software is a trending and effective solution for monitoring sales and lead generation agent performance. These tools integrate with your dialer, using AI to monitor calls for quality and compliance. In 2021, if you’re not already using QA software, it’s time to bring it on.

QA software is more cost-effective, faster, and more accurate than human-led audits. Rather than checking random calls manually, you can evaluate every call your agents make to ensure even the smallest problem is resolved. 

Call center operations expert Heather Griffin describes incredible value of implementing this technology:

“There’s a lot of new technology out there, specifically ones that can listen to 100% of your calls. It can check whether or not your reps follow the script, tell you if there’s TCPA scripting read, alert you if there’s an escalated call, and it can listen to a hundred percent of your calls. And the cost is relatively cheap. Especially when you’re looking at remote agents, it’s hard to tell somebody’s yelling at a customer or someone’s hanging up on customers. But this QA monitoring and scoring software can tell you that there’s a problem. Something I’d really recommend. 

“It used to take me 30 QA people to QA my 1000-seat call center. And now a system is doing it. Within the call center world AI is fantastic.”


How one QA software makes a difference

Convoso customers can use integration partner, Balto, a QA tool that offers real-time, in-call analysis. This tool blends seamlessly into our platform, using AI to offer detailed feedback to agents. You can use this QA solution to confidently manage your call center without worrying about breaking the budget or running into problems you might have missed.

Heather Griffin explains why she uses Balto’s AI-powered software to improve and monitor QA:

“The software’s fabulous. What it tells us, for example, is 28% of your reps are not saying this disclosure on calls in California. That’s how granular it gets. But it listens to all of our calls and gives us feedback and reporting. Instead of having a QA person tell me, the software is now saying, ‘Listen to this call, it’s bad.’ I can tell if someone escalated or if a curse word was used. So fantastic – it’s Balto.”


In the webinar, “The 2.0 Lead Generation Call Center,” Nima Hakimi, CEO & Co-Founder of Convoso offered this:  “AI for quality control is really going to play a huge role for better conversations, more compliant conversations, and just ultimately, increased results in the agent performance. You need to have AI incorporated in one way or another if you want to go remote and grow it and scale it, in full compliance.”


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Not getting what you don’t pay for

You may be a whiz at managing costs for your call center. But if you’re not using QA, you’ll pay in the long run with compromised efficiency, not to mention potential compliance consequences we discussed above. So, yes, there’s a financial component to auditing your call center. It’s the price of value, and once you experience it, you’ll gladly add QA to the balance sheet. (Your competitors already have!)

Lead generation call center expert and consultant John Gallagher, CEO of Thrive Marketing, encourages call center managers to think of QA as a short-term cost that offers long-term benefits. 

“A QA team or QA service that really allows you to monitor your calls will not only decrease your risk of negative consequences, but it will improve your performance because there’s a lot you can do with listening to the way your folks make those calls.” 


Data helps managers be proactive

Once you know how your agents are performing, you can use the data as the basis for incentives to improve results. If you have new agents, monitoring call center quality allows you to offer more training or coaching. With more specific feedback you can support your agents to perform at their best.

“It’s all about being proactive instead of reactive, which is what [AI and QA] will help with.”

– Kyle Andersson, Director of Operations, Digital Market Media 


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