Is your dialing strategy effective AND compliant?


From the Convoso Video Vault

Bobby Hakimi talks about one impactful dialing strategy that increases contact rates for predictive dialers while staying in compliance with TCPA.

At the 2020 Lead Generation World conference in Colorado, the Convoso marketing team stopped CoFounder and Chief Product Officer Bobby Hakimi and asked him to share a tactic for call centers to dial leads more efficiently. 


Watch the video [around a minute]. Read the transcript below:




“Hi. My name is Bobby Hakimi and I’m the Chief Product Officer with Convoso. I’m here to talk about the different dialing methods that we have, and how predictive dialers nowadays don’t have an efficient way to still accomplish [dialing] without affecting the leads that they’re calling. 


Typically, any of the dialers out there now—they dial every half hour, every hour, depending on which status [they have]. They may change that, but ultimately it’s a repetitive thing: calling every hour, every three hours, and it goes on and on and on.


And, if you think about it as a consumer, you keep getting a call every hour, it’s very frustrating and you start ignoring that call. 


What we have implemented is a system, a cadence, where we may be aggressive at the beginning—the lead gets posted, we call them in real time, and then we may call them 10 minutes later, 30 minutes later, an hour later. And as the call count increases, we increase the time between the calls to maybe 3 hours, 4 hours, 2 days, 5 days—where we still call them as much as we need to, but we’re not affecting the lead we’re calling, we’re not annoying them, and we’re still getting as much as we would by calling them over and over. But, you’re not getting in trouble. 


Because if you harass people, that causes lawsuits. And with the TCPA rules nowadays, that [dialing cadence] is a more effective way. 


We have the technology to accomplish this without affecting customers.”