Convoso’s Leadership Team Cheers New Products and Growth for 2022

Convoso continues its ambitious growth trajectory into 2022, with company-wide excitement about new AI products launching this year.

The ultimate goal of every department at Convoso is to drive greater benefits for our customers.  Find out what each member of our leadership team is planning and looking forward to the most in 2022.



Nima Hakimi, CEO & Co-Founder at convosoNima Hakimi, CEO & Co-Founder

“2021 was an unforgettable year as we witnessed our customers and partners grow to new heights while having a truly global team in place in the Philippines, India, Ireland, Brazil, Ukraine and Belarus. 2022 will be an exciting year where the impact of having such a team in place will be felt more than ever before as we look to provide even more value with a couple of key product launches and extensive product enhancements.”

Bobby Hakimi, CPO & Co-Founder at convosoBobby Hakimi, CPO & Co-Founder

“I’m excited for the future of IVA and additional AI products that will help enhance human capabilities and help our customers save time doing mundane tasks and concentrate on action items that have higher ROI. I’m also excited about the amazing new talent that we have and a complete leadership team that will help accelerate our growth.”


Meg Mananian, VP of Operations at convosoMeg Mananian, VP of Operations

“Brick by brick. 2021 was a testament to Convoso’s relentless growth and culture. Our company was built brick by brick, person by person. In 2021 the vision that is Convoso was realized with the addition of every one of our talented and essential team members. Our coordinated efforts has built Convoso into an international difference maker in our industry. I am so very proud and excited for our team going into 2022 bigger, stronger and more focused than ever to continue growing our presence in the market and making a difference in not only our customers lives but our team members lives as well.”


Ed Chung, CFO at convosoEd Chung, CFO

“It’s an exciting time at Convoso! We are growing at a record pace which is a result of our superior product, strong positioning in the market, and the relentless team. I’m glad to have joined the company last year and look forward to bringing a data-driven approach to our decisions and strategic initiatives.”

Phi Lee, Chief Architect at convosoPhi Lee, Chief Architect

The secret of change is to focus all your energy not on fighting the old but on building the new.” — Socrates

” I often think about this quote a lot when I look back on Convoso’s 2021 journey. It has been a year of growth and transformation for the company. We have made significant changes within our internal processes and filled out important roles with amazing talents – both of which are vital in the realization of Convoso’s newly solidified vision. We have focused our energy into bringing in the best of the best to also bring forth greater impact on our customer’s day-to-day operations and contribute to their success. This 2022, I am excited to work with our team towards building new features, delivering enhancements, and expanding our systems to support our clients in realizing their own company’s vision!”


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Shiva Mirzadeh, VP of Engineering at convosoShiva Mirzadeh, VP of Engineering

“Being still new at Convoso, for me 2021 was a year of discovery. It was amazing to see how dynamic, high potential Convoso is. How Convosian faced their challenges heads-on and embraced the growth opportunities no matter how painful it was at the time. What excites me about 2022 is the prospect of unleashing our innovative thinking and encouraging creativity and automation to remove the pain from the growing pain not only for ourselves but by helping our customer to grow and be more profitable by using IVA/SMS AI.”

Jay Hill, VP of Product at convosoJay Hill, VP of Product

“I’m looking forward to continuing to grow the product team with exceptional talent in both the US and India to quickly bring market leading products to our current customer base and beyond. I am extremely excited to see how our upcoming AI technology will help drive additional success for our customers by reducing costs and delighting their customers. I also look forward to making additional steps on realizing our vision on DID reputation management by conquering industry-wide DID challenges. As we move forward on both the talent and product vision in 2022, a world of opportunities will be in our grasp.”

Tom Smart, VP of Sales at convosoTom Smart, VP of Sales

“Get ready and hold on! 2022 is going to be another record setting year of growth across our Company. Our teammates, Customers, and Strategic Partners, make Convoso who we are today – and who we will be tomorrow. Perhaps the most exciting opportunity is to be a part of that journey, and to have the privilege to impact their growth in a meaningful way.

Lisa Leight, VP of Marketing at convosoLisa Leight, VP of Marketing

“Milan Kundera wrote that ‘Business has only two functions – marketing and innovation.’ Perhaps a bit simplistic, but it captures why I’m excited about 2022 (and the 2 reasons why I love my job) : 1). We have a super innovative product, and 2). An amazing team to execute the marketing of this product. In the year ahead, we’re excited to launch some innovative AI-based solutions to fuel the growth of the company. Full steam ahead!”


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We’re honored and thrilled to begin the year awarded by Built In for 2022 Best Places to Work in Los Angeles.  Go #teamconvoso !!!


Convoso awarded by "Built In" for 2022 Best Places to Work in Los Angeles.

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