Snapshot Insights on Working in a Tech Job from Software Engineer

Replying to a journalist’s inquiry about jobs in tech, one of the women on our team volunteered to share a snapshot of the day-to-day realities of working on an engineering team. Especially during Women’s History Month, we’re proud to share the inside scoop from Ellie, a senior software engineer at Convoso. We hope people considering or looking for work in engineering careers find this helpful. 

What does a typical day look like working in your tech job?

As a senior software engineer, your day-to-day is solving issues and coming up with solutions. 100% focus and patience is a must, sometimes spending hours to figure out what is causing a specific issue. Browsing the internet to find a solution for some bugs that you are seeing for the first time. Learning new functions/logic/ programming language every day. Overall, every day is a very busy day!

What are the pros and cons of your tech job?

Pros of your tech job

You can work from anywhere and anytime. You just need a laptop and that is pretty much it. This flexibility can be really helpful at times. And there is also a good job market. Lots of applications, but also lots of positions. 

Cons of your tech job:

You might feel isolated at times since everyone is working very individually and by themselves – not because of any bad intention though. It is just the nature of this job.

And if you are a woman, you might find yourself the only woman in the whole engineering department. This industry is very dominated by men.  So it really depends on your personality. And there are times when you wish you were doing something else! So many new things to learn EVERY day! There is NEVER an end to the learning process.

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