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Consumer spend on home remodeling has boomed in recent years. In fact, the industry has seen double-digit growth each year since the start of the pandemic. But to get a piece of the pie, remodeling companies need to generate quality leads—something that many businesses struggle to do with the consistency required for fast-paced growth.

The results speak for themselves: According to a study by Marketo, companies with effective lead generation practices in place drove 133% more revenue than those without them.


Home Remodeling Lead Generation Best Practices 

Want to get more home improvement leads? Utilize these home remodeling lead generation practices to build a bright future for your business.


1. Get on the Right Platforms

Most remodeling projects aren’t driven by sheer practicality—they’re also about aesthetics. And although you may still have printed brochures and mailers that showcase your projects’ good looks (not to mention your customers’ testimonials), you also need to show off your work online and in the right places.

For businesses looking for more home remodeling leads, using image-heavy platforms like Houzz is becoming an almost mandatory practice. Maintain a profile and follow Houzz best practices like these to build awareness of your business and generate more quality leads: 

  • Using large, high-quality images
  • Promptly answering questions from Houzz users
  • Join in on discussions related to your areas of expertise

Outside of Houzz, there are a number of platforms that you can use to bolster your home remodeling lead generation, from Amazon Home Services and Angi to Thumbtack and Porch. Evaluate each of these sites and consider which paid services may deliver the best lead traffic in return. In the meantime, establishing a presence for free can help local leads discover your business.


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2. Build (and Join) a Community on Social Media

Outside of these specialized sites, it’s important not to neglect more “traditional” social media platforms. According to an eMarketer survey, social media marketing was overwhelmingly ranked the most effective tactic for improving lead gen quality—better than all the alternatives, including email, content marketing, events, and paid search. 

If your business is new to social media, start with a Facebook Business Page. This will give you a simple base to build on and give customers easy access to important information like hours, location, and contact info. In time, your Facebook Business Page can become a crucial place for marketing and customer engagement, and serve as a rich source of remodeling leads. 


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3. Partnerships and Referrals

Home remodeling intersects with a whole host of other home services businesses trying to generate leads—painters, plumbers, realtors, and more. Developing partnerships with businesses in the areas can be the foundation of a mutually beneficial lead generation strategy. All it takes to start building these relationships is a phone call or an email. Take the time to proactively reach out, and you could uncover a wellspring of high-quality referral leads.

It’s not just local businesses that can be a potent source of great home remodeling leads, of course. Word of mouth is still an essential facet of any marketing and lead gen program. Even in our digital age, it’s estimated that these person-to-person referrals drive 13% of consumer sales. Tap into the power of customer referrals by incentivizing referrals with special offers like discounts and gift cards. 


4. Harness Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

Despite word of mouth’s resilience, today’s consumers rely very heavily on search to find the goods and services they need. To make sure you can be found more often on search engines, follow these best practices:

  • Build a blog: Publish regular content that targets important remodeling keywords and provides useful information to visitors. Use your expertise to show up for more search terms.
  • Speed things up: The faster your site, the more likely it is to rank higher in search—and the less likely visitors are to bounce off the page. Site speed improvements you can easily make include compressing images, eliminating unnecessary plugins, and choosing a quality hosting provider.
  • Boost your local SEO: Make sure your local audience can find you on Google more easily than your competition by claiming listings in online directories, generating positive customer reviews, and thoroughly completing your Google Business Profile.


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5. Improve Your Website

At the end of the day, websites aren’t built for the sake of search engines. They need to be designed to deliver a streamlined, intuitive experience for visitors—and they need to be optimized for conversion. 

Make sure that your site follows a simple structure, with easy-to-find, designated pages that cover the key services you offer, examples of your work, and contact information. Meanwhile, ensure that it’s as easy as possible for interested visitors to convert. Include clear call-to-action buttons along with simple, TCPA compliant lead forms on all pages so that leads can request a quote or consultation, or join your mailing list.


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6. Place Targeted Ads

If your budget allows, complement your efforts to win in organic search with paid digital advertising campaigns. Place pay-per-click (PPC) ads on Google to appear on searches for important industry keywords that your content is not ranking for. Users who click on PPC ads can be directed to specialized landing pages that are designed to funnel them toward conversions. Likewise, banner ads placed on relevant sites can entice potential leads with visuals of your work and build awareness of your business in the process.


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7. Use a Lead Generation Service

Ultimately, you might decide that your lead generation practice—or at least part of it—is best placed in the hands of outside experts. The right lead generation services or digital marketing agency can be a great partner in your efforts to get more leads. 

Of course, getting high-quality leads can cost a pretty penny. That’s why it’s so critical to have the right sales tools on your side. Without the right omnichannel dialer software to efficiently contact and convert those leads you generate, your ROI and your potential for growth will suffer.


Learn more today about how choosing a powerful dialer can help you spend less on leads and drive more profits. And see for yourself how Convoso’s contact center software stands up against your current solution by scheduling a free demo today.


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