Client Success Video: Pac-Biz

Pacific Business Services (Pac Biz), a call center based in the Philippines, gives businesses in several countries around the world an efficient, professional option for outsourcing call services. This eliminates the burden of having to hire and train internal resources and helps Pac Biz’s clients grow.

Pac Biz implemented the Convoso call center platform after trying a variety of other solutions that didn’t meet their needs.  Eric Mulvin, co-owner of Pac Biz, says, for example, the software they used prior to Convoso was unable to handle outbound calls. “Sometimes there were 10 to 15 minutes between outbound dials. That’s not acceptable,” Mulvin says.

Mulvin says one of his call center managers told him about Convoso, he arranged for a trial, and Pac Biz couldn’t have been happier with the results.  Pac Biz began working for a new client at the same time they started using Convoso. The client was surprised to learn that Pac Biz now had the capability of sending SMS text messages —something Convoso helped them implement. Mulvin says after two weeks, the client had 10 additional leads from contacting people through SMS that they wouldn’t have had otherwise.  He points out, “Imagine 20 additional leads per month. That will pay for any system out there — and more.”

In addition, Convoso solved the issues Pac Biz was having with outbound calls and provided greater visibility through its robust reporting feature. Pac Biz is also impressed by how easy Convoso is to use —for managers as well as the quality team and callers.

The trial gave Mulvin and the Pac Biz team the confidence to move forward with Convoso, recognizing its potential to help their business add more clients and grow.

 “We’re all about putting our customers first, and I like working with vendors that are aligned with our goals,” says Mulvin. “I feel like Convoso is a perfect fit with us.”

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