As seen in, Why Your Call Center Learning Management System is ineffective (Part 1), call center managers are doing themselves no favor in the training process by using unengaging and unmotivating training processes. Which oftentime results in poorly trained agents agents & is a massive contributor to the high turnover rates seen in the call center industry. By implementing a gamified LMS, call centers across the globe can address numerous painpoints that managers face everyday.


A LMS (Learning Management System) that incorporates “gamification,” is a trending topic in all of the tech hemisphere. Gamification, of any product/service, aims to heighten engagement by adding game-like mechanics to a normally standardized process/platform. The goal of gamification is to add motivation by increasing engagement through users’ fun and interaction with the gamified solution. By tying this into a learning management system, thus creating a “gamified” LMS, a call center agent is incentivized and rewarded for their successes.

Increased Agent Engagement:

A learning management system gives a call center manager a platform to convey and test an agent on their knowledge of their processes. However, a gamified LMS offers the same quizzical aspects of a standard LMS, but adds a game-like component to the system to allow for recognition and/or incentive based learning. These game-like mechanics leaderboards, badges, and rewards based on performance or learning. This system is more advantageous than a standard (non-gamified) LMS because it facilitates a sense of achievement and enhanced motivation amongst agents. Thus, increasing overall engagement.

David Brown, a customer service expert that helped detail the faults of a normal LMS in part 1,  continued on his experience implementing gamification into a LMS:

“When we first started to introduce the concept of gamification into our training and onboarding solution, everyone seemed a bit skeptical. However, something amazing started to happen a few months later. Fellow managers and I started to get asked the oddest question by our agents: ’Is the next certification ready?…Because I want to take it.”

Reduction in Turnover:

Increasing employee satisfaction and motivation in the onboarding process is a key metric in keeping your agents onboard and striving to make sales or delivering a quality customer experience. Study after study has indicated that an incentivized work environment, or one that rewards based upon performance, plays an instrumental factor in an employee’s decision to stay at the company. This holds true for agents within the call center industry.

Increasing your ROI:

In the same ICMI survey indicated earlier in the piece, “By taking new hires out of the more traditional classroom training setting and using gamification software on the computer, contact centers can reduce the onboarding time by as much as 90%” as reported by ICMI. By using a gamified LMS, a reduction in onboarding time lowers the overall costs of training and heightens the ROI within your own company’s hiring procedures. Most call center operations spend on an average thousands on each agent during the onboarding process–a gamified LMS is a great utility for call center managers. With added gamification, managers are training agents faster, exceeding key performance indicators, and seeing a higher number of first call resolutions.


Enhancing the Overall Customer Experience (CX)

So, what is the overall takeaways and advantages in adding a gamified LMS? Of course the reason to implement any of these systems is to improve the quality experience that your agents are providing to your customers by providing your agents with an enjoyable experience as well. With a gamified LMS solution, motivation through rewards-based incentives teaches agents that they will be gracefully rewarded for granting quality customer service.


It is never too late to implement a new strategy. By utilizing a gamified LMS, you will give your company a massive advantage of quick & effective learning. All while boosting your agent’s engagement and motivation on the job. Every ring matters–with a gamified LMS you help ensure that your customers are always talking to well-trained and engaged agents.

Part 1: Why Your Call Center Learning Management System is Ineffective

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