The 2.0 Lead Generation Call Center Technology | Webinar


Introduction 0:00

LeadsCouncil’s Rob Seaver introduces the panel of guests that includes Kyle Andersson of Digital Market Media, Michael Velardi of Resource Marketing Corp, and Nima Hakimi of Convoso.

Call Center 1.0 vs. 2.0 – 5:40

Nima Hakimi discusses the traditional call center model and kicks off a discussion on how today’s call centers can take their production to the next level.

Managing Efficiency at Virtual Call Centers – 9:17

Panelists analyze the benefits and potential of running a remote or virtual call center model. They also discuss ways that remote call center managers can ensure their agents have the technical assets and connectivity they need to remain efficient and profitable.

AI and Quality Monitoring – 22:42

AI can play a central role at the 2.0 lead generation call center of the future. The panelists examine the use cases for call center AI in quality monitoring processes and more.

Maximizing Lead Efficiency – 30:10

Each panelist offers dialing strategies and lead management best practices to help lead gen call centers ensure lead quality and make the most of the leads they have.

Supporting TCPA Compliance and STIR/SHAKEN – 45:42

Nima Hakimi discusses the impact of STIR/SHAKEN regulations on the call center industry. The panel looks at ways that technology can help support TCPA compliance—while also driving call center efficiency.

How Answering Machine Detection Can Help – 51:30

Nima Hakimi discusses how answering machine detection can help call center agents stay in a groove and maintain a higher level of productivity.

Wrap-Up – 57:10

Panelists share the best ways to be contacted for more information before Seaver wraps up the webinar.


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