Solutions to STIR/SHAKEN and Call Blocking |Webinar

Introduction – 0:00

Rob Seaver kicks off the webinar, introduces the panel, and runs a quick audience to gauge their awareness of compliance issues.

What Is STIR/SHAKEN? – 2:19

Michele Shuster starts the talk off by giving an in-depth description of STIR/SHAKEN regulations and the history that led to their creation.

Call Blocking Causes and Solutions – 8:42

The panel explores the reasons behind recent increases in call blocking and flagging before diving into solutions that call centers can implement.

The Effects of STIR/SHAKEN on the Consumer – 19:26

The panel discuss how these regulatory changes affect consumers and potential customers, in some cases making it harder for them to interact with businesses they’re interested in.

How Registering and Whitelisting Your Numbers Can Help – 31:28

Bobby Hakimi discusses the pros and cons of call centers registering their phone numbers as a tactic to avoid harmful call blocking and flagging. Later, Ryan Thurman discusses the practice of whitelisting.

Smarter Outreach Strategies – 44:26

Strategic outreach can help your call center avoid call blocking and flagging, as well as increase your contact rate. Hear from Bobby Hakimi on how you can implement a more effective call cadence and omnichannel strategy.

The Future of Call Center Regulation – 48:41

Michele Shuster looks into her crystal ball and offers her take on what legislation and changes might await call centers in the near future.

Closing Remarks and Wrap-Up – 56:15

The experts on our webinar give their closing remarks and key takeaways from the presentation.