How to Gain More Customers in Home Services and Solar | Webinar

Introduction – 1:35

Host of the webinar, Ruben Ugarte of ActiveProspect, starts off this 30-minute webinar on lead gen in the solar, home services, and home improvement industries.

Justin Myers of ActiveProspect takes a deep dive into consent-based marketing best practices and lays out strategies for effectively handling and converting valuable high-intent leads.

Why Are Your Calls Not Getting Through? – 13:48

Call blocking and labeling can severely damage lead generation teams’ contact rates. Nima Hakimi explores the reasons behind recent increases in call blocking and flagging.

Solutions to Prevent Call Blocking & Labeling – 16:40

There’s no silver bullet to solving call blocking and flagging issues. Hakimi offers a variety of solutions and strategies that call centers can implement in order to avoid the negative effects of call blocking.

Wrap-Up and Q&A – 25:27

Panelists take questions from audience on co-reg leads, compliance risks, and much more.