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Ahead of the Curve with Michele Shuster: October 2023 Compliance Update

In it's third installment, compliance expert and attorney Michele Shuster gets us up-to-speed on the latest contact center compliance news and updates. In the Q3 session, we cover: latest privacy regulations, state privacy laws, and the latest from the FTC/FCC.

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Ahead of the Curve with Michele Shuster: June 2023 Compliance Update

In this regular webinar, compliance expert and attorney Michele Shuster gets us up-to-speed on the latest contact center compliance news and updates to marketing and sales regulations. Topics covered in the Q2 2023 edition of Ahead of the Curve include: the FCC's rulemaking process, proposed changes to DNC compliance, a potential FTC sweep, updates to Medicare marketing guidelines, and more.

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Webinar: How to Scale Your Solar Business via Effective Lead Gen and Tech

The right technology stack and lead generation best practices can set you apart from your competition. In this expert panel, we'll dive into the different tools and techniques that can boost your revenue.

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Call Center Compliance Update at the Lead Gen Roadshow

Understand the latest developments in call center and TCPA compliance with the help of experts on a panel hosted by Convoso.

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Michigan’s More Comprehensive Mini-TCPA Bill: What It Is and What It Could Mean for Lead Gen

Convoso's Lisa Leight talks to TCPA World Czar Eric Troutman about the most well thorough and well researched mini-TCPA bill yet. If passed, Michigan's new bill has wide ranging implications for outbound call centers and could become the new standard for bills of this kind in other states. Eric and Lisa dive into the details, from the fine print to potential fines proposed in the new bill, and how it differs from prior bills in Oklahoma and Florida.

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Webinar: TCPA Litigation Trends and the Technology That’s There to Help

The new legal realities of the Post-Facebook era, the practical impacts on call center operations, how to utilize technology to support compliant dialing, and more topics are covered in this session. Host: Nima Hakimi, CEO and Co-Founder, Convoso Guests: Arvell Craig, Director of Compliance Services, DNC.Com Christine Reilly, Manatt Phelps & Phillips

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How to handle TCPA Regulations & More

Convoso and Anura Solutions have teamed up with the ‘TCPA Czar,’ Eric Troutman, to discuss: ad fraud, the latest in TCPA regs and rulings, and how to support compliance in your dialing & lead conversion process.

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Washington State Mini-TCPA- Eric Troutman Reviews New Law

When it comes to call center compliance, there’s one thing we know for certain: legislators rarely make it any simpler. Decision-makers and stakeholders in sales and marketing have long had to worry about overnight changes in the realm of federal TCPA compliance and enforcement. But lately, it’s individual states who have been getting in on the action. The latest state to pass and enact its own mini-TCPA law: Washington, whose House Bill (H.B.) 1497 took effect on June 9, 2022. To get the skinny on this new law, Convoso’s Lisa Leight sat down with Eric J. Troutman, one of the country’s leading compliance experts and litigators. Watch their conversation in the video here—or read the transcript of their discussion below.

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The Court Ruling that “May Change Everything” for Lead Generation: Berman v. Freedom Financial Network

Host Lisa Leight, VP of Marketing at Convoso, talks to Eric Troutman (Troutman firm) to get the details on the Berman v. Freedom Financial Network ruling in the Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, and to find out why this decision will have a significant impact on the Lead Generation industry.They discuss what it means for a website's agreement terms to be "reasonably conspicuous", the legal ramifications of not complying with this new ruling, and much more.

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Lead Gen Compliance and TCPA News in 2022: What Call Centers Need to Know

Watch this Convoso webinar to get the latest TCPA updates and news on FCC, FTC, and state-level changes that are affecting lead gen compliance in 2022.

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New Florida Mini-TCPA Compliance Law Explained |Webinar

Florida recently passed an update to its telemarketing regulations. Hear from expert Eric Troutman on what the TCPA compliance law means for call centers.

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Outbound Sales Compliance Tips & Best Practices for Today’s Landscape | Webinar

Navigate a changing TCPA compliance landscape with updates, insights, and outbound calling best practices from the panel of experts on this Convoso webinar.

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